All-Party Parliamentary Food and Health Forum

The All-Party Parliamentary Food and Health Forum (FHF) is an all-party independent forum for the exchange of views and information on food policy in the UK Parliament. Our objectives are to stimulate well-informed debate as a result of a greater awareness of food policy’s significance and to explore and contribute to knowledge, policies and information on food policy, diet and health. The Forum’s main work covers the relationship between food, nutrition, health and the implications of these factors in key areas affecting health in the population.

The Forum has both Parliamentary and Associate (non-Parliamentary) members, including a wide range of representatives from the food industry and other organisations with an interest in food and health issues, whose membership subscriptions fund the services provided by the Forum.

We hold regular meetings of the Forum every year on a wide range of issues, with reports of those meetings sent to all members. Additionally, our weekly newsletter keeps members abreast of relevant issues and policy developments from the EU, UK Government, devolved administrations, and relevant regulators.

Parliamentary Inquiries

FHF has in the past undertaken inquiries on food security with the Parliamentary Scientific Committee and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Agriculture and Food for Development, as well as an inquiry on the links between diet and behaviour. Full details of our past inquiries can be found on our inquiries page.

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